Bricklayers; arguably the hardest working trade in the business! They are a crucial part of the building industry. However, our experience has taught us that bricklayers are as enthusiastic about bricking in the rain as they are about their bookkeeping and accounts!

This is why our always-up-to-date process is perfect for Geelong bricklayers. The efficient and valuable process takes the headache out of finances, allowing ‘brickies’ to spend more time mixing the perfect batch of mud as opposed to shuffling invoices! Our One Firm, One Solution approach is the icing on the cake (or should I say cement on the brick?)! Keep all your book work in the one place along with your tax accounting, tax strategy and CFO!

How Next Level Accountants can assist your Geelong bricklaying business:

  • We can show you how to efficiently use your accounting software, or alternatively, we can do it for you

  • Implement processes to help you get paid quicker

  • Quickly and easily understand your tax position at all times.

  • Simplify your payroll and contractor payments

  • Access real-time profit and loss statements

  • Ensure your business structure gives you the asset and tax protection you need

Don’t let those pesky invoices creep up on you! Take charge of your accounts, spend more time on progressing your business. Contact us to discuss this further.