The 2018-2019 budget has come through with a few positives, items that will be carried through to the new financial year and more. The budget entails a lot of promises for small to large businesses, individuals and the government.

LOWER TAX(sml-med businesses).png

To simplify it, here are a few small business and individual focused points that you may benefit from:
·         A 7-year income tax plan will reduce taxes for low income earners brining slight financial relief
·         Taxes will be lower for small to medium Australian businesses
·         The budget will extend the $20,000 asset write-off until 2019
·         $530 worth of tax savings will be gained by tax payers earning under $80,000 pa.
·         For businesses earning under $20 million (most start-up companies) the refundable R&D offset will be the applicable company tax rate plus a premium of 13.5 percentage points. This allows R&D costs to be funded, therefore companies can inject it back into their research and development.
·         A limit of $10,000 on cash payments to a company will be introduced in 2019
·         No tax deductions will be made where PAYG is not withheld for example payments where contractors don’t have an ABN.

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