These days, the reality of a modern business is that it can be difficult to have total control and visibility over every area of your operations. Especially regarding finances, if you are a business that values our time and money, you most likely have employed a bookkeeper or accountant, or both! As well as this, you may have an in-house financial team which have sole control over your finances. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re finding that your business is stretched for time and money, or could just use a little more visibility regarding your finances, perhaps it’s time you considered a virtual CFO.

Outsource for a more comprehensive service

First things first, let’s nut out the nitty gritty of what a virtual CFO actually is. A virtual CFO or VCFO is a completely outsourced financial officer for your business. Handling all your financial needs, a VCFO means you will enjoy all the benefits of a CFO without paying for a costly in-house financial team.


A dynamic service, a VCFO will adapt to your business as it ebbs and flows; as it evolves and changes. This involves cash flow management, business intelligence, performance management reporting, strategic advice, bookkeeping and accounting.

Gain wisdom plus a greater ROI

Of course, all great VCFOs will customise their services to your business model. However, common services that ensure your business can make the right financial decisions, including: benchmarking, business analytics, KPIs, budgeting and monthly board meetings.

Collaborating with you to set realistic goals and KPIs, a virtual CFO provides all the services of a regular CFO at a fraction of the price. This means that you will, in turn, earn a larger Return On Investment. Running a business is all about boosting your bottom line, and a VCFO is certainly one of the executive business decisions that can get you there.

Receive new insights for greater improvement

The value of an impartial opinion is inestimable. When running a business, it can be easy to look too closely at operations, become distracted and thus lose focus of the bigger picture. However, with the input of a VCFO, you can gain fresh new insights that can help you strategize your business towards success. At Next Level Accountants, our experienced VCFOs have years of expertise behind them coupled with an unbiased opinion that will effectively evaluate your business.

Reduce stress and gain control

As a VCFO also saves you time on day-to-day tasks, this will, in turn, reduce your daily stress. Helping you gain control of your business, now you can rest easy knowing you have the peace of mind that your finances are being handled by dedicated professionals. Not only this, but the time you will save by outsourcing these arduous tasks means you can save money by concentrating on other areas of your business - such as selling!

With the help and insight of a VCFO, you can seek more comprehensive advice and receive new insights, all the while saving money and achieving a better ROI. This will allow you to decrease your stress levels and re-gain control over your business, seeing the bigger picture once more. If you have any questions about VCFO or any financial services that your business may require, don’t hesitate to give Next Level Accountants a call today.