Reactive vs Proactive: Is Your Accountant Always One Step Behind?


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

This oft-quoted line by Benjamin Franklin has never been more relevant than in the world of modern business. If you aren’t giving yourself time to prepare for potential opportunities and problems, you won’t be able to take action on them to the best of your abilities. With that said, for an accountant, being able to stay ahead of the game is absolutely vital.

So, for those wondering if their business’ accounting isn’t quite as fast and efficient as it should be, we’ve prepared a brief guide to symptoms and signs that your accountant may be lacking some financial foresight.

Deadline Disappointments


While it may seem obvious, an accountant that consistently misses deadlines can lead to a wide variety of issues for your business. At best, accounting being performed at a slow pace can lead to financial records that don’t accurately represent your current financial situation, making it difficult to develop adequately-informed strategies and actions. At worst, this can lead to fines and other government actions if taxes are not properly handled in the allotted timeframe. =

With Next Level Accountants’ Always-Up-To-Date tax accounting platform, our team of highly-experienced accounting specialists are here to seamlessly take care of ATO compliance obligations, while also offering additional support to help your business grow.

Advice Apathy


Accounting isn’t simply data entry, it is a method of cataloguing past decisions and using their outcomes to plan for future actions. Therefore, an effective accountant should be able to provide you with consistent, professional advice which is backed up by solid data and analytics.

Unfortunately, if your accountant isn’t keeping up-to-date with changes to your business’ financial situation, any information that you could potentially be offered won’t be based on current facts and figures. This can also take place if your accountant is unwilling to incorporate modern technology into their strategies, putting your financial system at a significant disadvantage for the sake of traditional methods.

That’s why, at Next Level, we are dedicated to proactively assisting in the growth and development of our clients’ businesses. We achieve this by offering consistent advice and relevant information that could potentially be beneficial to the business as a whole. Plus, with our simple-to-use, cloud-based accounting solutions, business owners are able to exponentially cut down on unnecessary data entry, allowing them to put more time and energy into developing their venture.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your accounting Always-Up-To-Date, contact Next Level Accountants to start your journey toward a better financial future today!