Business owners for years have been frustrated with bookkeeping. One of their main reasons for their concern is that it is historical. Imagine sitting down at the end of the month and entering in all the historical transactions from the month just ended. Boring! No wonder, business owners are entrepreneurs they are the one's looking forward, bookkeeping by its very nature is the polar opposite to their values.

Surely there is a better way. At Next Level Accountants we have developed ways to automate keeping the books up to date. In 2016 there is no excuse for any business not be outsource and automate their book work.

At Next Level Accountants our proprietary 'Always-Up-To-Date' accounting platform uses technology so your business can make smarter decisions. Using optical recognition technology and Xero we can deliver accounts that are always up to date. Its bookkeeping in the cloud. Best of all your financial administration time can be reduced by around 80% plus the certainty of fixed price service.

In 2016 make your resolution this year to get this element of your business working - seamlessly. This is what the best businesses do they get things working. It's simple, straightforward and low cost.

Here are my 5 tips to streamline your bookkeeping:

  1. Connect all your business systems and have your file always up to date
  2. Do bank reconciliations as often as possible, we do it weekly - this will give you cashflow in real-time
  3. Make sure your accountant has access so they can provide real-time advice
  4. Use online invoicing to get paid faster
  5. Use Xero to connect to your bank account to eliminate errors and time consuming data entry