Accounting Technology 

Moving to digital or cloud accounting should not be a scary thing - it should be something that improves your business model by delivering business intelligence. Successful businesses are continually looking for process improvements to drive costs down, improve productivity and better systems that support critical decision making.

How It Works


Step 1: Assessment 

As digital bookkeeping and accounting experts in Geelong, We make a full assessment of your business requirements to determine the best technologies for your needs. Accounting technology is constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on utilising the latest and greatest in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Step 2: Implementation 

Once key technologies have been identified, we plan, implement and execute the migration of all your data into the chosen technology platforms as soon as possible. The process is a lot easier than you think and we have full support services available to remove the anxiety and make sure this is the best decision for your business. 


Step 3: Training 

Our technology specialists have purposefully designed training that can be delivered face to face across Australia. The training is designed to be simple and effective in getting you up to speed on how easy the chosen technology is to use and what you need to do to keep your administration time to a minimum.


If the accounting function by definition is “A science to determine the most efficient allocation of resources” then digital accounting truly delivers this to businesses. As Geelong’s leading digital accountants, Next Level have helped scores of businesses transform from conventional, costly accounting practices; into digital. It is our aim to ensure the benefits of using our services go far beyond the initial consultation and that we make best use of technology to pass on those savings to you, our client. 

Eager to spend an average of just 15 minutes per week on financial administration? Get in touch today!

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