Tax Rescue

Running a business can be both challenging and rewarding

Some businesses find themselves in a tax mess and in desperate need of tax rescue. This is due to many reasons, such as finding the wrong accountant or deciding to handle ATO compliance yourself. If you have gotten behind on you're BAS, Tax Returns or ATO compliance obligations and are in need a tax rescue professional to sort out the mess and deliver the best outcome, we're here to help. 

How It Works


Step 1: Simply Put Your Hand Up 

In business, the hardest thing to do for an owner is admit fault in particular operations. Failure to admit this results in a snowball effect and the issue spiralling out of control. To ensure this does not happen to you, we encourage you to make an obligation free appointment with us in person so we can understand the problem and make an assessment of your options and fees.


Step 2: ATO Lodgement & Management

The next step is to meet with you and explain the current situation, options and likely outcomes. When we have filed all your overdue tax returns, we then actively manage your outcomes with the ATO. Our methodical and systemised process' ensures you have the best chance to avoid Failure To Lodge penalties or interest charges remitted or reduced.


Step 3: Tax Agents Appointed 

We use our tax agent relationship with the ATO to communicate and set realistic and achievable deadlines to benefit your business. We then work hard to crunch the numbers and calculate tax liabilities. Working with all types of accounting systems from a shoebox of receipts and bank statements through to sophisticated  accounting systems.


Next Level are tax rescue specialists and we have helped many clients get on top of their ATO problems.

Once the problem is solved our Always-Up-To-Date accounting service ensures this never happens again.

Ready to put your hand up and have your tax rescued by accountants who have over 80% success in reducing ATO penalties and interest? Get in touch today

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