New Kids on the block: Pako river-end Businesses Breakfast

New Kids on the block: Pako river-end Businesses Breakfast

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When you say you’re an accountant you’re commonly met with a full body scan – head to toe – accessing if you fit the accountant stereotype: boring, lack of social skills, dorky and number obsessed. The businesses receiving an invite to our River-end Pako Business Breakfast are probably having similar thoughts or ‘why on earth would I want to go to an accounting firm for breakfast’? We’re here to change people’s views. We have changed with the times, we are animated, innovative, energetic and most notably incredibly invested in modern technology. We are doing things very differently from conservative accounting firms, we have changed with the pace of society and giving clients what they want and need:  an up-to-date accounting platform, minimum data entry, administration and paper work which is allowing them to spend more time on the business or with their family.

We have originated from Melbourne bringing the expertise from the big city but leaving all the hustle & bustle and gloom behind. All our employees are Geelong based and many of them are born and bred in the area. It’s time for us to get to know Geelong and in doing so our neighbors. Our business Breakfast is an opportunity to create a supportive, like minded network of businesses who can collaborate should the need arise.  Life is easier and enriched when your part of a community and we want to build this with the businesses in our neighborhood.  We have invited all river-end Pakington business to attend our office on the 12th of April at 7.30am to share a nourishing breakfast prepared by Skinny Dippers, another local up and coming business. All businesses attending have been asked to prepare a brief dialog on their business operations. You can see the event here: Pakington River-end Business Breakfast.

So now I bet your thinking how is this accounting firm any different from other firms. Well for starters:

  •  We don’t have a receptionist: Told you we removed administration tasks. Don’t worry we are keeping people in jobs. How:
  • We have more Accountants than administration stuff. We’ve really focused on removing unnecessary paperwork then only people working on your files are experienced accountants.
  • We are completely Xero based. Why? We don’t want to fluff around with accounting software that isn’t the best for our client’s needs.
  • We have a marketing manager to ensure we are always having fun and great communication with our clients
  • We have an open plan work space. It’s fresh, modern and sleek. You can see it on our Instagram page. That brings me to our next point:
  • We are social media savvy. We like to provide fun, engaging and aesthetically pleasing articles and images to our social network. We also like to ensure our clients or new customers are able to reach out to us in the most convenient way possible for them.

 Don’t believe above points check out our Instagram and Facebook!

Really want to attend our breakfast now but don’t reside around the river-end of Pako? Do Not fret we are holding business events open to the public every second Thursday of each month. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date.






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